Search in Local Files does not work


for testing purposes I put about 10 MP3 files in the musicBox directory. They appear fine in the artist / album sections and can be played without issues.

However, when I search for that artist (or substring) with the search set to “Local files”, the system does not return any result and is stuck with the loading circly (“loading data from musicbox. please wait”).

Is that a known issue?


Edit: I’m using MusicBox 0.51 final.

Same issue here, I hadn’t noticed it wasn’t working until I tried isolating searches to local files.

Something very similar came up in #mopidy earlier. Musicbox uses the uri prefix 'local:' for searching local files but the sql local library wants something slightly different. If you change to the json local library (and rescan) it should work again. Not sure who needs to address this...


December 12

Same issue here, I hadn't noticed it wasn't working until I tried isolating searches to local files.

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Hi Nick, I’m not sure I understand. How do we change to the local json file?

Also, if we rescan, does it need to process all the files again?


See here: Network folders are showing up empty in MusicBox 0.5.1rc

Seems to be simple change in settings-ini


@kingosticks: The local: prefix will be addressed in

Yes it’s a one line change in settings.ini and yes it has to rescan all the
files again. Annoying I know, but it should then at least work correctly.

@tkem, can the sql library be made compatible with the json library in this

Sure, that’s why this is labelled as “bug” in the github issue :wink:

Sorry, missed that. Just wanted to make sure you saw this.

No problem; I’ll try my best to provide a bugfix version within the next couple of days. Now that I got MusicBox up and running (sort of), I’ll also do more testing on that platform.

Anybody who wants to give the sqlite library another try, please log into MusicBox as root and run

pip install --upgrade Mopidy-Local-SQLite

After a reboot, searching in local files (only) should work as expected.

I tried upgrading it. One thing: the local-images extension uses the /images url by default. It can be set in the settings of the new extension, but then another problem arises: the startup script of Musicbox cannot handle an ini setting like [local-images] (the dash is not supported in the external bash ini-reading script) :frowning:

Not that it’s helping right now, but with implemented you would hopefully not need to do your own config file parsing, just use mopidy config ... to get and set config.

I just installed musicbox 0.52 and retested the search to see whether there were any changes for the local search since 0.51. Problem is still there, though.

Did you try updating with tkem’s command? I don’t think it was fixed before
that musicbox release but to be honest I can’t exactly remember anymore.

yes, it is fixed with that command. apparently has not been included in 0.52.

One more thing: After a search (not only in local search), there are tabs for “Artists” and “Albums” directly underneath the search button. Below those tabs is a tracklist with the results.

What is the “Artists”/“Albums” thing used for?
It does not respond to clicks and does not add any information.


On my system if I search with Spotify the matching artists and albums
appear in those lists.

Ah ok, I see. It does not appear in local search for me.

Sounds like a bug then, right?

FYI, in 0.53 same issues are there.

In addition ( or i just didn’t notice before), the browsing local files by Folder does not work correctly.
I put some folders mit Mp3s in the MusicBox directory (so not on USB). In the web interface I saw the folders but only the first folder showed any contents. Mopidy log did not show any error and a correct number of files scanned during startup.


pip install --upgrade Mopidy-Local-SQLite

updates the extension from version 0.8.1 to 0.9.2 which resolves the issues.