Search by folder structure?

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Hey there,

I am struggling here with the Files section. After adding my NAS as a storage, it scanned all the files, but as I don’t have the best structures and naming within my albums, I usually search my music via folder structure.

The thing is, though, when I try to access the subfolders of my NAS, they seem to not contain any files whatsoever.

Only way to reach the data would be through the Artists section, which leaves me in a crapload of different Artists I don’t even know I had.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?



I think the newer versions of mopidy-local-sqlite (the extension pimusicbox uses for local files) should support browsing. But I’m not sure if the musicbox version has a new enough mopidy-local-sqlite

The folder structure should be available under ‘Browse’. So the files are visible when browsing for an artist and the same files are not visible in the folder structure? MusicBox uses the newest version of mopidy-local-sqlite

When you’re browsing “Local media -> Folders” and you see only directories, but no files, this usually means that your media files haven’t been scanned. When browsing “Folders”, Mopidy-Local-SQLite will actually “browse” the file system hierarchy starting with local/media_dir, but only display files/tracks it finds in the database. Yes, this is somewhat inconsistent and confusing, and there’s already an issue for that:

FYI: This has been changed in the latest version of Mopidy-Local-SQLite, so you now can browse all files via “Folders”, even if they haven’t been scanned yet.