Search not working in musicbox at all


Symptoms are these, when I try to find something, from local files, youtube, or anywhere, UI just hangs to “Loading data from MusicBox”. And the spinner is spinning couple of minutes until the notification disappears and the screen is similar to the moment when starting the search.

I tried to disable almost everything from settings. Scanning local mp3s, spotify and all other streams. Sit the same.
Playing local files and internet radios work normally.

I’m using MusicBox with my Jolla phone, and I was wondering if the browser could be faulty. (I use sailfish browser).
Have anybody else had similar problems?


Your browser must support websockets to use the Web interface. Does it?


I can think of one of two root causes:

  1. One of the backends is taking a really long time to search (e.g. YouTube is known for this), and then no results happen to be available for the search string provided. It is a little confusing in that the current version of MMW does not make it clear if no results were found. The ‘develop’ branch already contains an enhancement to make this explicit.

  2. There’s some sort of browser incompatibility. I’ve only ever tested MMW with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox but think other users have had success using other browsers. It’s tough to debug on mobile devices though.

Thanks for the answer. If I explicitly select search from “Local Files” only, the result is same. That shouldn’t be so heavy operation for it to time out. Internet radios are working so there is at least some connectivity to internet. I have configured musicbox to connect to WLAN shared from my phone, if that plays any role.

I guess I need to try to install Opera or Chrome on my phone and see how it behaves.

Tried Chrome and similar outcome. What could be yamming the search?

Can’t say that I have any idea of why this could be happening for you - but what happens if you connect from a PC browser instead of using your phone to access Mopidy?

Have you checked mopidy.log for any errors or warnings?