Issues with Musicbox Search

Hello, Sometimes musicbox seems to work fine (rel. 0.5.3 latest) on Raspberry PI B+ but most of the time the search will result in an endless "Loading data from Musicbox please wait). The box is connected with LAN/Ethernet and I have the Hifiberry DAC+ add on. Any idea what is wrong ?

When do you expect a version that is compatible with PI2+ ?

Many thanks for your help and sharing Musicbox with us !


For the search part, have you checked out this:

I have the exact same problem. However I have no idea what pip install is or how to do it.
Jochen, could you kindly elaborate?
Thank you.

In case you have not seen, there is a new RPi2 beta version available to
download on the website.

Hi thanks for getting back to me.
Is the MusicBox 0.5.4 beta worth installing esp. considering this problem?
Apart from the search issue I can’t get WiFi to work either I run everything over LAN.

I don’t understand the cause of your problem so probably not. I mentioned
it as a reply to the original poster.

Pleased start a new topic for your WiFi issue as it’ll get too confusing

@Streifenleopard : just execute the statement from the command line:

It will upgrade the sqlite extension with the python package manager (pip).
It is already available on the system so you dont need to install anything.

Thanks for getting back to me.
Command Line means in Windows? Or do I have to connect my RPI with a screen and somehow execute this command on my RPI?

I’m afraid you have to connect to your rpi, either by SSH or with an actual keyboard & screen.

Ok I think I did it. It scanned for files afterwards, didn’t find all of them (ignore) and hopefully is updated now.

Sadly, this process has not at all accelerated after updating (?).
Is there a way to find out the version number of squlite to make sure what had been processed?

Run pip show Mopidy-Local-SQLite

It still shows version 0.8.1…

it’s done - thanks the 2nd time around was a success