What is the best way of organizing collections of internet radio streams?


I have some m3u files containing urls to internet radio stations. This worked pretty well using MPD. Now with Mopidy it seems like when selecting a playlist I get the list of stations present in the m3u files but the UI becomes slow or even unresponsive. Also changing station takes a considerable time or sometimes does not happen.

The mopidy log shows all streams of the m3u files are being accessed. Why is that? If some have become unreachable they result in timouts that can take quit some time.

Having seperate m3u files in subdirctories seem to be ignored.

So my main question what is the best way to organize collections of internet radio streams?

Which “UI” are you using?
And which version of Mopidy are you running?


Running mopidy 2.0.1 on a BananaPI. I tried MusicBox and Mopidy-Mobile 1.7.5 (both as plugin as well as Android app).

One of my playlists is like this: http://pastebin.com/h557hHEh

Mopidy Mobile (which I do know better :slight_smile:) tries to retrieve meta data (artist, genre, images) for each item in the playlist currently displayed. This is designed to be done in the background without placing too much load on the server, but for lots of radio streams this may become a problem, especially if you run into connection timeouts.

So this is basically a client issue. Other clients may perform better in this respect.

I was already thinking of making this configurable, or handling stream URIs differently, but somehow forgot about it. So thanks for the reminder!

In the mean time, I’d suggest splitting large M3U files into separate files, and removing outdated entries. Although subdirectories are currently ignored by the M3U backend, having multiple .m3u files in m3u/playlists_dir is supported.

Thanks for your explanation (and for Mopidy Mobile ofcourse). Disabling retrieving the meta data would be nice. Support for subdirectories as well.