Playlist radiostream not working anymore with 1.1.0

Dear all,

I have some playlists with just one radiostream.
It was working fine with old mopidy 1.0.8. Klick the playlist and than mopidy was playing the stream. Very nice.

Since the new 1.1.0 version its not working?

Are there any changes

mopidy is running on pi2 with jessie.
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simple-webclient, material-webclient, softwaremixer, moped, musicbox_webclient,
api_explorer, podcast, local, soundcloud

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Yes, there are major changes here, ref changelog:

Move stream playlist parsing from GStreamer to the stream backend. (Fixes: #671)

Are these playlists local on your system or available somewhere online?

If local, can you provide a couple of non-working examples?

If online, can you provide the URLs of your troublesome playlists?

playlists are all local

Here some examples on google drive:


Ah, yes, this is a drawback of the change in 1.1 that I hadn’t thought about previously. Due to the change, we no longer support M3U files referring to other M3U files.

For example, your RadioBayern2.m3u contains:

This file again contains the actual radio streams.

To work around this, simply replace your M3U files with the M3U files they link to.

Technical explanation: Previously, our GStreamer setup supported downloading and parsing playlists, and did this recursively until it found something that was playable. In 1.1.0 we moved this code out of our GStreamer setup to prepare for the upgrade to GStreamer 1.x. It is now done by the bundled Mopidy-Stream extension instead. The stream extension does not support playlists referring to other playlists. It simply downloads the playlist, find the first URI, and passes it to GStreamer for playback. If the first URI is a playlist, then GStreamer does not know what to with it, and playback never happens.

I just opened for this