Different radios/playlists on different browsers


I’ve just installed and setup Mopidy, it’s pretty awesome. I’m using 2 different browsers to access the web interface.
If I add radio stations via one browser, I can’t see them on the interface from the other browser. How does that work?

Aren’t the stations stored on the server? Is there a way for me to sync everything?

Thanks a lot :smile:

Which webclient are you using?

I’ve tried with Moped and Mopidy-MusicBox-Webclient, same behaviour.

Can’t speak for moped but musicbox webclient will uses a base streamuris.js
file on the server, any modifications you make through the browser are only
stored locally as browser cookies and not saved on the server. If you want
things to be accessible on all browsers you must manually modify the
streamuris file on the server. This isn’t great but I just never seem to
get around to sorting it out. It’ll be fixed in the next release after the
holidays I expect.

That’s alright, thanks a lot for the explanations. I just thought that was a bit strange, but it’s all clear now :slight_smile:

Good job again for everything mate, works a charm.