More tracklists


one thing I miss in Mopidy is the ability to “save” tracklists, that is, a playlist with a cursor on the current playing file. The idea would be to be able to switch between different playing contexts without too much effort.

Would this fit into the mopidy extension scheme ?

You could implement this is a custom Web client but we don’t have support in a Mopidy Core for extending the tracklist functionality like you’d need in order to do this how I think you’re describing.

You’re right, I did not think of that! I think that’s just what I’ll do :slight_smile:

So I’m in the process of integrating an wrapper around playlists in Mowecl.
What I started to do was create “virtual” playlists, that were not synced with Mopidy, but I’m realizing this might not be necessary.

To be sure, I have a few questions:

  • A m3u playlist can hold any track that Mopidy can play ?
  • It is possible to know where a playlist comes from, looking at its uri ? (it seems so to me be I have only m3u playlists available right now)
  • Anyway, is there any other playlist provider, beside Spotify and Mopidy ?

What I would like to do, beside resume from last state, is to “sync” a playlist with the current tracklist, so that any change to the tracklist is applied to the playlist automatically.