Web clients and iphone/ipad clients

I just installed Mopidy on ubuntu server VM hosted on Windoz via Virtual Box.

I want to try both a browser-based client as well as iphone/ipad based client.
In the mopidy website, for iphone they cite MPod and MPad, MPD clients. They are nonexistent in the app store and from googling, they are gone and not coming back.
Does anyone know of a iphone/ipad app that works?

can anyone point me to a web browser-based client that works well with mopidy?

You can try HomeAssistant which works well with Mopidy but is a bit of overkill if only using it for Mopidy.

I use Iris as a web browser based client - it covers everything I use, especially now it has snapcast controls built in. I think it’s also one of the few that currently work with Spotify.

If you are only using local files I would use musicbox webclient (again it’s just personal choice)