Questions about running Mopidy on Raspberry Pi


I have followed the documentation over at Mopidy

I have completed point 3, but I am not really sure what to do next.

Can anyone assist me in getting Mopidy set up on the Raspbian?

Thank you in advance for any help! :slight_smile:

What did you want to use it for mainly?
Your own collection, (local files) or streaming, say from Spotify or similar.

Hi @Steve_Lambert,

In primarily using Mopidy to stream my local music collection. That’s that I want to get set up first.

I then may look at setting up spotify streaming in the future.

This is how I have set things up so far,

I have updated the config file to have the [http] and [mpd] updated to ::

I’ve then went to the command line and executed the ‘mopidy’ command

But when i start my browser and visit my-internal-ip:6680 I just get message saying [‘this site can’t be reached’]

  • Are the steps I have taken correct?

  • Please can you help me completing the set up and getting it to successfully run?

Thank you :slight_smile:

At a quick look, before extra time starts, you need to remove the # on lines you want read, it will ignore any lines that start with #


It’s only taken me 3+ weeks to get it running, but finally it looks like the Mopidy server is running!

  • Can you guide me on what on what I should do next please.

Thank you I really appreciate you getting me this far! :slight_smile:

Install a web client, I use Musicbox Webclient or Iris.
I think you might need to do it as sudo ie sudo pip install Mopidy-MusicBox-Webclient
You might need to install pip (sudo apt-get install python3-pip) before you can install the web clients.

If you are playing local music will it be on a usb stick, are you transferring it to the Pi or do you have it stored on a network drive?
If using Spotify you need a Premium account and you will need to install the Mopidy-Spotify backend there are lots of backends to choose from all provide a different function.
At this time, if you decide to use Spotify its probably easier to install Iris ( post above) as there are problems with Spotify playlists not showing in other webclients.

Hi @Steve_Lambert

I plan to keep my local music on a USB stick that is connected to the Pi via one of the USB ports.

I won’t be transferring it to the SD card, the music will remain on the USB drive.

  • Do I need to update anything in the config to let Mopidy know to look for the music on the USB drive?