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Webclient with Audio playback in the Browser


i just discovered Mopidy and iam really impressed with all the possible sources it can work with. I just installed it together with Iris and it seems to work. However i cannot playback audio in the browser.

After some research i figured out the Mopidy is meant to playback the audio on the devices its running on, however this is not my usecase.

My plan was to have the playback in the browser like Airsonic, Funkwhale etc.

Is searched around and found an suggestions to use Snapcast however i need to install a snapcast client then which is not the way i would like to use it.

My goal is to have a website i can go on and create a playlist out of different sources like: soundcloud, youtube, spotify etc and playback this audio in the same browser. Is this even possible with mopidy or do i need for some other software?

Thank you!

Iris includes a Web-based snapcast client. If you set it up, you should be able to get audio in the browser.

Yes i saw the snapcast client, unfortunately this will only securely work in a local network. When the website is public snapcast might not be the best idea via the internet.

Correct, serving that publically would be a bad idea. I don’t know of a secure alternative short of setting up some kind of vpn/wireguard solution.