Installation done but many questions

Hello ! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve discovered Mopidy recently and installed it on a laptop directly plugged to my amp. It was pretty difficult for me but it’s working pretty well now. I use it with mopidy-iris because of the interface, the display of albums, the search engine, etc.
I don’t really understand some things :

  1. Even with good tags (with Exfalso on Ubuntu), I cannot see some albums (even if I refresh) but when I use the search engine included in Iris, I see them. Is it a simple bug ?
  2. What are the folders local, m3u and playlist ?
  3. I don’t use radionet (i didn’t manage to make it work), is it possible to add a radio stream like I do in radiotray, with a URL.mp3 ?
  4. Iris doesn’t show some covers. What I’m doing wrong ?
  5. I tested Musicbox and Iris. Which one is lighter ? The more stable ? I prefer the display of Iris but should I use Musicbox ? I also tested Party or Mobile (for my phone), but my favorite stays Iris. Are there other web-client I should test ?
  6. I didn’t manage to make Youtube work. I always had an strange error asking for an update. I disabled it for now. Do you know a good tutorial for it ?
  7. I’ve created a network connection to add albums and musics in my mopidy library, but I have to connect it in SSH to do a local scan. Is there a way to update the library more easily ?

Your help is precious ! :slight_smile:

3) To add a stream, Musicbox-webclient seems to work ! Then, with Iris, you can use the stream under the “Playlist” section.

  1. I don’t know of any bugs in this area. It is usually broken tags. You can have a look at the tags Mopidy finds by running
python3 /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/mopidy/audio/ path_to_your_music_file
  1. Don’t know what you mean. Is this something to do with Iris? If so, I don’t use it, I can’t help.
  2. I don’t know what radiotray is and I don’t use radionet either. But you can add any internet stream you want to the tracklist if your user interface supports that (Musicbox-Webclient does). Or you can add it as an entry to an m3u playlist. No idea what iris provides to do that.
  3. Don’t know
  4. Iris is more activity developed. Iris only supports certain backends. Use whichever one you prefer.
  5. Ask at
  6. No, unless Iris has something special to do that. It is a long-time outstanding issue that would be great if someone could solve.

I think this can be simplified (and made to work on non-Debian systems) by instead using:

python3 -m path_to_your_file
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Much neater. I think we should add that to the debug docs. It would also be neat if we could do mopidy local scan path_to_your_file.

Yeah, we should add it to the docs. I didn’t even remember that we supported this. Will you make a PR?

I shall. I was thinking of adding something after a recent debug exchange.

  1. Some backends have support for cover art and some some don’t. Which backends are you using?

  2. I use Iris for Spotify and Mopidy Mobile for other backends. I think Iris also supports the Local (or File?) backend.