Mopidy Clients What do You Use?

Hi all,

I’ve just setup a new Raspberry Pi 4 + Hifiberry DAC with Ubuntu Desktop and have mopidy configured and running. I am a regular user of Linux and systemd. My goal here is to play files from my local network from the RPI to my AV System. Secondary goal is running Kodi over HDMI for video.

I’m at the point of trying to install and run a web client on the same machine and am so far 0 for 3.

Rompr: able to get to the setup screen, but but on applying settings, connections seem to be timing out. Heavy on the PHP, which isn’t a plus for me.

Apollo: Setup instructions don’t match the error messages. Seems to require a Spotify connection? Also appears to be unsupported with last update over 2 years ago.

mopster: installed, and seemingly setup according to the limited instructions, but when connecting to http, I’m getting redirected to a non-existent https connection. Switching browsers, I’m not able to get anything from http port 80.

So, I’m at a loss here. What are people using for clients? I’d hate to revert to Volumio for this setup as I have no interest in dual booting.

just a followup, I eventually got Musicbox and Iris running. I had some confusion about the differences between mopidy-file and mopidy-local plugins, but now have a working music library.

Iris looks pretty nice! I have a couple of things I’d like to see, chiefly a Genres view for local files and some sort of playlist importer.

I plan on digging a bit deeper into mopidy-local to see what the local storage format looks like. I see there’s an sqlite option for storing scanned metadata now and plan on migrating to that.

So yeah, would still love to hear about people’s setups, but making progress.

I just use the MusicBox webclient and the Mopidy-file front end and TuneIn front end because I don’t use streaming services, I just want to listen to my albums or to the radio. God I’m old.

haha I feel the same anytime someone sends me a spotify link. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I have Musicbox enabled and working but have mostly been testing out Iris and find it pretty decent so far. Missing a couple of nice-to-have features, but it’s possible I just haven’t discovered how to enable them yet.

I’ll give Musicbox another shot! Thanks for the rec.