Volume normalization?

Just wondering if volume normalization is planned at all. Any way to vote for features?

Sounds like something you could do with by configuring an additional gstreamer element in the your output pipeline. Google tells me ReplayGain will do it. Perhaps have a play with that?

This is quite old but I couldn’t find any other references to ReplayGain. Does mopidy support it? Do we need to configure gstreamer and how’s done?

Sorry for reviving this old post, but I’m curious if in the meantime somebody found a solution for volume normalization on musicbox? Especially when streaming music from Spotify, where the regular spotify player offers a normalization function.

Or does anyone have experience with USB-soundcards that use “smart volume normalization”, e.g. Asus Xonar U3.
Does this work well?

Thanks to everyone, who is working on this project, it is a really cool tool! (And with volume normalization it would be the perfect match for my needs :grin:)

It seems gstreamer can do this – see here.

Generally, as far as I know, there are 2 steps in audio normalization as currently practiced: calculation/tagging and normalization. The first of these analyzes the audio to figure out the gain values, and the 2nd step applies the discovered values to the audio data.

For mopidy, of the first step, tagging would most likely not apply, since mopidy is not made to edit files. However, perhaps it can calculate the gain immediately before playing something; that way it won’t need to store the gain values anywhere, just apply them to the audio data while playing. This would only work for non-live data, though, and may not apply for album replaygain values.

The second step is of interest, to apply gain values appearing in tags of media being played to the audio data while playing.

This post about groovebasin is perhaps of interest here as far as how to use volume normalization in mopidy.

thanks for your response, I’ll look in into that.

And don’t forget that the current stable versions of mopidy-spotify/pyspotify do support the same normalisation available in the official Spotify app. But they’re not the versions used by pimusicbox yet, we’ll get there, but not yet.

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