Normalizing audio?

I am using PiMusicBox to run a small FM station. Formerly I was using a full desktop with Ubuntu and was able to use a compression plugin to normalize audio. When switching over to PiMusicBox it was immediately evident that there is no normalization.

I noticed in the MPD spec there is an option to enable volume_normalization. But all discussion I can find about Mopidy and normalization revolves around the Spotify plugin, where it is already a feature.

My current thought is to forcibly normalize all tracks with something like normalize-audio (for Ubuntu/Debian). I really don’t want to have to alter all the files irreversably and possibly degrade the quality.

Is anyone else accomplishing normalization? How?

What plugin, for what audio player?

The mpd program may support this feature but it’s not in the “spec”, there is no “spec”.

Mopidy uses Gstreamer which does seem to have some replaygain support but I’ve no experience with it.

If you are normalising MPEG files you don’t need to alter them, you can set the appropriate ID3 tag instead. Same goes for flac (I think). In general, your options partly depend on what formats you are working with. Good luck.