Please test my Gmusic fixes

I’ve opened a couple of pull requests to fix mopidy-gmusic, which hasn’t been working for me since the upgrade to Python 3. The changes work well for me, but I only have uploaded tracks, not All Access.
If you use Gmusic, particularly if you use All Access, could you try out my changes?

I’ve got a branch with both changes here:


Brand new mopidy/musicbox user with very little experience. Looking to get All Access working on my Musicbox. Not sure how to apply your fixes to my own build but will gladly give it a shot and test it out with some instruction. Fair warning - I’m a novice-level linux user. I can edit config files and run commands but I haven’t used Linux heavily since before github existed! Thanks.

Hey. Thanks for your reply. These changes have already been merged in, but I don’t think there’s been a release with them in yet, so you’d have to install from master.