Replay Gain in Mopidy


Hi - I’m a new user of Mopidy, and it’s all fun so far. One thing that strikes me immediately: why no ReplayGain support? Playing back my local MP3 collection, I have to ride the volume control non-stop. I’m sure others have encountered this.

I’m wondering if there’s some design reason for the lack of replay gain. The documentation is quite explicit that it’s not supported. There seems no development discussion about it here or on Github.

I presume there are some backends that can’t support it… but then isn’t that equivalent to the basic case when an MP3 has no replaygain tags stored? And if it’s not a development priority then fine, but there’s also the chance that it’s deliberate. I’d like to know because one day I might go poking around to see if I can implement it…


I think it’s fair to say it’s just not a priority. But you could presumably just configure your output setting to include the rgvolume element.