CUE sheet support?

Hi there,

I’ve ripped many of my CDs into a single continuous MP3 and stored CUE sheets along with the MP3. I’d love it if when I select an album to play that the player recognizes the CUE sheet and displays the song title from there.

Does mopidy support this use case? If not, is it possible to write a plugin for this to happen?

Thank you in advance!

In short, probably not. The only support we have for this will come from what GStreamer already give us and I’m not sure what that is. I had a quick look and it seems GStreamer supports cue info embedded in wav files but I have never tried this and I don’t know if it would Just Work or not. And since your files are mp3 I appreciate this doesn’t help you anyway.

Typically, metadata for a track is provided to Mopidy’s Audio layer by GStreamer when GStreamer reads the data. Mopidy will then simply pass that on to the frontends. We do have a mechanism to inject our own metadata but that’s only used for a special case (Spotify playback) which doesn’t go through the regular GStreamer audio pipeline. We don’t expose access to that mechanism to other extensions and even if we did I don’t think it would work well for this; it’s used as a one-time thing that happens on track change, I don’t know a good way you’d trigger it to update as you progressed through the file.

There is some info here about ideas to add a generic version of this to GStreamer but who knows when that was written. I don’t know if GstToc is available to use via Python bindings.

I’ll also add that we’d need this sort of mechanism if we ever wanted to support MPD’s addtagid command.