Unable to browse Dirble


recently I noticed I am not able to browse Dirble directories.
Browse shows country codes based on settings.ini, but nothing is in there. Only “No tracks found…” error message appears.
Also no genres are displayed at all. In the past (2 weeks ago), everything worked fine and no config change has been made since that time.
Generating now API code did not help.
Pi Musicbox is version 0.6.

Thank you.

I think dirble have had some API changes and we are still running an old
version in musicbox. It’s possible they disabled the old API. Perhaps
@adamcik knows.

Yes, Dirble recently shut down their of API. Pi Musicbox needs to update
its version of Mopidy-Dirble.

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Ok. One more nail in the coffin for v0.6. In the meantime there is a page
on the musicbox github wiki that will help you update things.

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