Spotify search broken

Since a couple of days Spotify search is broken. Ik get the message ‘Loading data fro MusicBox. Please wait…’ and then no search results are shown. I reinstalled PiMusicBox to no avail. Only Spotify is enabled, all other services are disabled. Spotify browse is working, Discover Weekly by spotifydiscover playlist is working.

Any tips on how to debug? I do have ssh access, and have some terminal skills.

It seems to be an ongoing problem with the Spotify service. They have made some changes at their end and broken search, there are numerous users on their support forums reporting this on all kinds of devices. Unfortunately Spotify themselves have not responded to any of this, which is frustrating.

Thanks for the information. It’s frustrating indeed. Spotify is not being nice to their customers breaking their applications like this.

I have exactly the same problem. Any update?

Spotify broke their API without warning.

If you’re running Mopidy 1.x, upgrade to Mopidy-Spotify 2.3.1.

If you’re running Mopidy 2.0, upgrade to Mopidy-Spotify 3.0.0.

If you’re running Pi Musicbox, and thus Mopidy 0.19.5, there’s currently no recommended upgrade path. You might try the unofficial and unsupported upgrade instructions at, but then you’re on your own.

anyone tried the unsupported upgrade yet? Let us know if that is a possible fix

I don’t think those instructions have much chance of working any more. I doubt the dist-upgrade step is wise and the latest version of Mopidy requires a new version of gstreamer that’s not easily installed on Musicbox v0.6.

My quick guess would be to try something like I’ve outlined at

thanks @kingosticks do you think a new version of Pi MusicBox is far away? (With a working Spotify search)

I’m working on it whenever I have time. It’s not far away but if someone can get something like this to work it’d be worth it for the interim. Having it totally broken right now is really poor (sorry).

Just to update this for anyone else that lands here. The upgrade steps (reproduced below) do apparently work:

apt-get -y install build-essential python-dev libffi-dev
service monit stop
service mopidy stop
pip install requests[security]
pip install --upgrade pip
pip install mopidy==1.1.2
pip install mopidy-spotify==2.3.1
pip install mopidy-dirble==1.3.0
service mopidy restart
service monit start

Yes that worked for the Spotify search, however for some reason local files on sd card and usb disk are not now showing up. Have set to scan for local files and rebooted a couple of times. Using Winscp I can see the files are on the disks.
I am using the recent set up we had on the forum for the Pi0, it may be something to do with that.
I have a back up copy I’ll go back to, but just wanted to make others aware to back up before doing the above. I’ll have another look at it tomorrow.

Thanks @Steve_Lambert. Hmm, there were some changes relating to data_dir at some point. If I get time tonight I’ll fire up a 0.6 image and have a go.

I have had the same issue with losing access to my networked media, though it is still there in /music/Network (under 0.6). Also, in the GUI under Browse, Dirble is not showing anything, nothing in Files, only Top Artists showing up in Spotify. Podcasts and Spotify Browse appear to be working correctly.

I added an extra command to update Dirtble too, they changed their API a little while ago so the new version is now required.

Spotify toplists are broken for me, even with the very latest versions of everything. It’s possible this breakage is related to the original playlists problem and nobody has noticed yet.

Files is a new extension and probably needs some new config in settings.ini pointing to the media directory. The Local extension also needs some config setting changes. See

Thanks for the update, I’ll give it a shot! Appreciate all the hard work you put into this.

Have Spotify helped out and repaired the Search service - I can do a successful search on all 3 Pimusicbox’s now, 2 are on Raspberry Pi B+ (running Musicbox 0.6) and 1 on the Pi0 (running the original upgraded image, before implementing any of the above changes)

I wouldn’t personally label anything they’ve done lately as helpful but it does appear to be working again now. The “top lists” are still broken, last time I checked.

Sorry, bad use of ‘helped’, I only have to use Musicbox - not put in all the work to make sure it’s working for the rest of us, so thanks for all your effort to keep it going. I only wish I had more knowledge and could help out in some way!! I’m not sure what “top lists” are as I only play my usual playlists.

I have been fixing my spotify and It would appear that

pip install --upgrade mopidy-dirble

pushes the version of mopidy up to 2 and then breaks your fix - not that I use dirble but could a version be added so that it does not break your spotify repair.

Thanks for this, Graeme