Spotify - no tracks found

Runinng the latest RC (Pi MusicBox 0.7.0RC6 (Release Candidate 6)). Getting no tracks found and no playlists loading. I can browse new releases and that’s about it. I have done the authenticate codes in the settings. Anyone else getting this problem?

What about searching?

Nothing from searches

I get this problem occasionally too. Browsing still works, but searching returns no tracks found. Sometimes everything will work fine though

Same problem here. Can play stations in “Musicbox favorites” but Spotify is not working at all. I have a premium account and I did the authentication step, but according to the log it’s not working?

I have the same issue. No errors in the logs, authentication steps completed.
Mopidy on my laptop works properly, but not on the musicbox.
I can browse spotify playlists, but when I enter them it says “no tracks found”
Spotify search just hangs.

Do you mean that Mopidy by itself - without musicbox - works with Spotify?

I have 2 mopidy installations: one on my laptop (running linux mint 18.3), and on my pi with musicbox. I copied the settings directly from the mopidy configuration on my laptop to the musicbox configuration.

I can connect to both mopidy severs, and both work for local media, but spotify has the problems listed above when using the musicbox server. It seems like Mobidy can indeed connect to my spotify account, because it sees my “your artists” etc, butI just can’t play anything, or search anything on spotify.

Spotify search should work correctly on both latest Mopidy and Pi Musicbox. I must admit I don’t have a Pi Musicbox setup anywhere right now but since it’s a port of the same code I don’t see why it wouldn’t also work.

Spotify Playlists have been broken for some time in the latest mopidy release and Pi Musicbox too (for the same fundamental reason). I did hack up a fix for latest Mopidy (not compatible with Pi Musicbox) but I’m very disappointed to say my free time for this went out the window and I never finished it. Holidays are coming so it’s possible there will be time to rectify the situation.

I just had a look at versions and Mopidy on my laptop is 2.2.1, whereas on the Musicbox, it is 1.1.2.
Seems like a pretty drastic difference. I’d assume that may be why they are working differently for me. You mentioned the latest mopidy isn’t compatible with musicbox? I guess that means I can’t just upgrade mopidy on the musicbox?

Correct on both accounts.

Is this thread finished? I just installed Pi MusicBox and cannot get Spotify to work just as others in this thread have said. Was there a solution posted somewhere?