Dirble not showing other countries - solved


I get an API key from Dirble and set it into settings. Now, I can Browse radios in my country (Italy) but if I try to browse US Radios, musicbox tells me “No tracks available”, while from Dirble’s site I can listen to them.

Is there any additional setting I should edit? I can’t find logs for this.

Can you enable the Mopidy debug logging in the websettings. Log file location information is at http://docs.pimusicbox.com/en/latest/troubleshooting/

OK, so first, sorry, there is a countries setting (The websettings doesn’t support setting it; currently you have to do it manually through /boot/config/settings.ini and I don’t know why that is). By default this is set to US, NL, DE, NO, SE but it only controls the country shortcuts so it’s not that interesting to change it. You can still get to any country by browsing through the directories.

The reason it’s not working any more (today?) is that we request ALL the results for the country rather than using the paged results (since that’s harder to support in Mopidy’s browse interface). For the US there are rather a lot of radio stations, some 9025 of them, and it takes too long for us to receive that huge list from Dirble before the connection times out after 5 seconds.

And then it retries a bunch of times. That may explain why the usage limit on our API key has been exceeded.

This should be properly fixed in Mopidy-Dirble by requesting paged results. Meanwhile we could workaround the issue by setting a large timeout. You can set a custom timeout by finding the Dirble section in /boot/config/settings.ini and specifying your timeout (in milliseconds). I found that I needed 30 seconds for it to work reliably!!

enabled = true
api_key = 473279e3fa0e7010cbbbb40ecc31890d46e57a2e
countries = US, NL, DE, NO, SE
timeout = 30000

Ok. Yes I was aware about the country code in the settings. I understand the point and will try with a larger timeout. Do you know if Mopidy-Dirble will soon introduce the paging modification?

I’m creating an issue describing the problem but it’s up to someone to take the problem on. And that’s just the nature of open source software - could be tomorrow, could be 10 years from now.

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I was thinking at another way, instead of waiting 30 seconds for the list… Maybe I can choose the radio channel from their web site and (in some way) add it to my Favorites playlist. What should I grab from there? I see I can read the url of the radio stream. Is it enough to add it into the file [Radio Streams].m3u ?

You can:

  • search for it
  • Download the playlist from the “Play external” link, grab the stream address and pop that into Musicbox’s Stream page.
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thank you very much!