Spotify Search don´t work

Hi everyone,

Yesterday the Spotify search function works like a charm but today it sasy “No tracks found”

Here are the logs, may they can help

Thanks for your answer!

2017-12-21 17:01:39,030 DEBUG [3055:SpotifyBackend-10] mopidy_spotify.library: Spotify search query: martin garrix
2017-12-21 17:01:39,071 DEBUG [3055:Dummy-12] mopidy_spotify.session_manager: System message: 17:01:39.070 E [ap:4210] ChannelError(0, 1, search)
2017-12-21 17:01:39,095 DEBUG [3055:HttpServer] mopidy.http.handlers: Sent WebSocket message to '{“jsonrpc”: “2.0”, “id”: 18, “result”: [{“model”: “SearchResult”, “uri”: “spotify:search:martin%20garrix”}]}'
2017-12-21 17:01:41,111 DEBUG [3055:SpotifyThread] mopidy_spotify.playlist_manager: Callback called: The state of playlist “” changed

I can confirm this. Oh dear, they (Spotify) broke it again.

Are there any news from spotify that they are aware and will fix it?

I’ve not tried it myself over Christmas but can I take it that it’s still
broken? Spotify stopped supporting this library so I don’t expect them to
fix it anytime soon. We can fix it ourselves by using their other API like
in the latest version of Mopidy. That API is more awkward but at least it
works and is supported.

Thank you for your reply and support.
Yes, on my musicbox installation search on spotify is still not working.
Will you post how to fix it with their other API.
Thank’s in advance.

So looking at what I did before for this I am reminded why this is no longer straight-forward. The other API (Spotify’s Web API) changed to now require additional authentication; the code for that is part of the latest mopidy-spotify release but it’s a bit of work to back-port it to the old version pimusicbox still uses. When I looked at it previously, it didn’t seem worth it - any time would be better spent updating the whole system to the latest versions. I can understand that Spotify without search might be useless for some people but I am surprised to not have had more reports of this problem. I will look again at what’s required for the back-port.

For whatever it’s worth, I hadn’t reported anything because I saw that it had already been raised in this thread. Spotify Search was the primary means by which we used our two pimusicboxes, so the loss of this functionality has indeed made our musicboxes relatively useless. Thanks for checking into what’s involved in back-porting a fix, and if it turns out that it’s more efficient to just update the whole system to the latest version I can completely understand.

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@briho and/or @joda

Could you try this version that I’ve hacked the OAuth Web API functionality into:

pip install --no-deps --upgrade

Then go to, click the button to authenticate with Spotify and copy the client_id and client_secret that it gives you to the [spotify] section of /boot/config/settings.ini so it’ll end up looking something like this:

# -----------
# | Spotify |
# -----------
# Supply your PREMIUM account credentials to enable Spotify
enabled = true
# The bitrate, the quality of the music played by Spotify, can be set to 96, 160 (default) or 320
bitrate = 320
cache_dir = ""

Finally, restart Mopidy with service mopidy restart and try searching.


Search works like a charm again. Thanks for the quick fix. Only problem now is that all my spotify playlists are no longer there. My credentials should be fine as I can search and play music from spotify. Unfortunately the playlists are no longer listed, only the “Musicbox Favourites” is still there.

Oh dear. I must admit I didn’t even check the playlists when I was hacking this up. Will try again tomorrow.

I did not change anything but the Paylists are back and Search is still working. Thank you for the fix

If you didn’t change anything then it wasn’t my fix. Just my luck they fix it the day after I do the workaround. Grr

But I’ll leave the fixed version up. They will break it again real soon I am sure.

They also break it for the many roku users out there with these kind of issues. But I’ve just discovered they are “fixing” that by pulling their Roku app entirely! In fact, they are pulling Spotify support from all kinds of older devices. Presumably they all use libspotify and this is another step towards killing it.

Fixed the playlists too. Just run the same as before to get the latest version.

pip install --no-deps --upgrade

I will roll a new release containing this and updated firmware. And that’ll be v0.7.0.

Outstanding, that seems to have done the trick.

(Just out of curiosity – do I need to worry about the SNIMissingWarning and so on warnings?)

No, you can ignore that here.

Hi Nick,

I worked out what you promissed me to do.
But sorry, now it seems that my MusicBox don’t connects to Spotify.
No playlist and also no spotify to select in search.

Log mopidy.log:

Would you please have a look at it?
Thanks in advance.


You need to apply those commands to a PiMusicbox 0.7RC5 system. Yours seems much older than that and I cannot continue supporting old versions.

Hi Nick,
I already applied 0.7RC5 yesterday before I received your info, because I
recognized that I was on an old version. Sorry that I didn’t inform you in
Is it necessary to do the backport and to make the entries for webacces, or
is it enough just to enter the configuration for webacces, to get back the
search function in spotify?
Thank you very mutch for your support.

Edit : actually, I misread this the first time. I don’t actually understand your question.

Are you asking if you need to do the extra authorisation steps and enter the resulting client_id and client_secret? The answer to that is yes. Are you asking if you need the updated version of mopidy-spotify? The answer to that is also yes. You need to do everything I said you need to do. But you probably already tried it out and found that out for yourself.