[SOLVED] Search says "Album not found" while using Browse works fine


I’m using Pi Musicbox version 0.6.0 and are experiencing a problem with the search function.

I have mounted a Linux share with CIFS in the fstab and, pointed the media_dir in mopidy.conf to the mountpoint.

When I use the ‘Browse’ function in the web interface everything works fine. But when using the ‘Search’ function, my album shows up. But when I click on the album name I get the error “Album not found…”

I have tried using JSON and Sqlite for the database, but the error stays.

What I did notice (but I’m not sure if it is related is that the local:album:md5: hash in the source of the webpage is different when using the Browse vs. the Search function:

Doesn’t work (search):


Code is in the file:

html += '


Code is in the file:

child += '
  • <a href="#" onclick="return getBrowseDir(this.id);" id="' + resultArr[i].uri + </pre> <p>Could this be related to the problem I’m experiencing or is there an other solution to this problem?</p>
  • Did you re-scan after mounting?

    Yes, i ran:

    service mopidy run local scan

    And rebooted the device afterwards. It didn’t solve the problem.


    Is this the same issue?

    I have noticed that “album info” works with online content such as spotify but not with local collections.


    Thank you for your reply. I don’t think it is the same problem.
    The problem isn’t limited to a icon or album cover image, but also clicking on the full album name itself causes the error.

    I’ve included a image of my search results, clicking on either of te marked area’s gives a “Album not found…”). While using the browse function works fine.
    <a href=“http://i62.tinypic.com/2ilmvs5.jpg"target=”_blank">image link

    I’m not sure what the WebClient’s showAlbum() function does, but assuming it does a mopidy.library.lookup(), this is probably related to this:


    Note that this was fixed in mopidy-local-sqlite v0.10 which requires Mopidy >= 1.0, and so is quite unlikely to have found its way into MusicBox…

    Solved it !

    Took me two steps:

    1. Upgrade Sqlite by running:
      pip install --upgrade Mopidy-Local-SQLite

    2. Editing my config to remove “file” from the stream section in my mopidy.conf:
      Update to mopidy 1.1, mopidy is not starting

    It now looks like:
    enabled = true
    protocols = http, https, mms, rtmp, rtmps, rtsp, udp, mmsh

    Thanx everyone for pointing me in the good directions.

    Even better, just remove the entire protocols line, and Mopidy will use the default value (which doesn’t include file).