Spotify does not work

Hello there,

I am using musicbox 0.6 and Hifiberry DAC+ everything is working out fine except I can’t use spotify. Neither does my search work nor are my playlists.

I realised that in my settings.ini there is no cache directory defined for spotity. (cache_dir = “”) When I do define one such as /var/cache/mopidy/spotify I can no longer reach the web interface (connection refused) anybody know why that is ? (SSH still working, one I removed the directory via ssh its working again)

I tried out a few things such as this hack but it did not help. Now I reimaged musicbox but I still have the same problem.

Other plugins such as soundclound are working fine.

By the way it is a great piece of software thanks for all the work. !

The spotify cache is intentionally disabled in Muicbox 0.6 as it was found to improve performance (on the original raspberry pi, at least).

As to why Spotify may not be working, can I first check you have a full premium Spotify account and you’ve entered your credentials correctly? If you look in /var/log/mopidy/mopidy.log it may contain some helpful error messages.

Thanks for the quick answer. Yes I have a premium account and entered my credentials via the web interface. I check the log once I am back home. I’ll let you know what it says

I am running music box on rasberry pi B+

Also, if your password contains any punctuation or non-alphanumeric characters then you might have run into a known bug there.

Ah that is probably why it is not working. :slight_smile:

//Edit: Yeah that was it. Thanks very much. !