Spotify not working - New Install

I recently built a Pi Musicbox with a Raspberry Pi B+. I had no trouble installing the image and booting up the Musicbox 0.6 software. I am able to play streaming music from the default streams. Search in Youtube works and I can play content. Unfortunately, Spotify does not work. I cannot search or browse in Spotify. While I do get lists of folders in Spotify browse (like top lists) whenever I try to open one of them it just spins and spins saying loading data from Musicbox, please wait. Other folders open and say no tracks. When I try to search fro tracks in Spotify or Spotify Browse it just comes back empty. When I open the playlists button, non are displayed. Any suggestions?

I don’t use Spotify myself but I read around here that you need to have a Spotify subscription to use that feature in Pi Musicbox and the reason being seems to be with Spotify’s limitations.

I am aware of the requirement for a Spotify Premium Subscription for it to work with the Musicbox software. I have a premium subscription to Spotify.

Did you put your username & password for Spotify in the settings file?

Yes. I have entered the username/password in the settings and enabled Spotify.

This item has been resolved. Looked at the Mopidy logfiles and found that the Spotify login was failing. Corrected the login credentials and it works as advertised.

Please, i have the same problem and i cant see any message about failing conecting spotify.
There are other warnig message about “alsamixer configuration error”, “musicbox webclient configuration error” (???) but the streams works well. Please, what can i do??