Sony Browser Compatibility

Hello everyone,

This is just an FYI. I have a Sony Bravia TV and PS3, and its turned out that the webclient does not work properly in these browsers.

I think Sony have used a shitty version of Opera in their UI on these platforms which does not support the webclient fully. It might have something to do with html5 maybe??? Not sure.

I am able to bring up the home page but there is no functionality and the browser gives me a compatibility error.

Unfortunately I don’t think you are able to upgrade and/or install different browsers. Which has made me sadface :frowning:

If anyone else has tried this, on Sony or different platforms would be good to hear.

Does the browser support websockets? That would be my guess and there isn’t
anything we can do about that I’m afraid.

Its not easy to find details to be honest Sony is very closed source. I understand its not the Musicbox’s fault, just Sony being Sony once again, sigh.

I really just posted this for general awareness. And to see if anyone else has noticed the same thing, with other game console platforms.

I should add that I have no problems using the webclient on my Nokia Lumia, so I generally use that to play songs :slight_smile:

That page should say if it does or not. It’s a shame the console browsers
are so generally poor, I think I gave up on my ps3 one the day I got it! I
can’t remember the state of dlna working very well on the ps3

Yea they basically just use the browser as a portal to sell you stuff, its not a proper browser, never mind musicbox is not meant for such things, I personally wouldn’t worry about it. The webclient works with the large majority of users, it would be nice if console devs would just implement a normal everyday kind of browser into the ui but hey ya cant have everything.

There are shims for everything out there. Meteor uses websockets and if this doesn’t work, they provide as a fallback. However, there is probably a lack of developer interest to put work into this direction to help outdated niche browsers. :wink: