Is the browser interface buggy or is it just me?

I found the pi music box and I’m loving it. Currently working on a project to pair to an a.m. transmitter as a gift for an uncle who restores old tube radios. The only problem I’m having with it is the web interface. It becomes on responsive quite a bit forcing me to do a restart on the pi va SSH.

I’ve tried it on two different R pi model 1’s and a model 3. Does the Web interface become unresponsive for everyone or am I doing something wrong?

Also the airplay feature doesn’t seem to work for me. I read about some issues with airport expresses routers. Is there a discussion with a solution to making airplay work on an airport express network?

Re airplay, try disabling the firewall:

Re browsing, what exactly are you browsing? Spotify? Local? Tunein? Older pis will be sluggish but Pi3 should be very usable. Can you provide a debug log during which it becomes unresponsive? Theres instructions on how to do this at the bottom of this post:

Thanks for that info. I’ll get to that in the morning, night time here.

It’s becoming unresponsive while doing when switching between different pages or when starting a IE life streams. I have no plans to set up any subscription services as it’s for my elderly uncle. I just want him to be able to play a couple of streams, some media I put onto the SD card, and the Internet archive stuff.

I’m not familiar with what that is, could you elaborate?

Sorry “IE” was a typo. I was holding my infant tougher as I was typing. I switched to my R pi 2 and it seems t be working better. I’ll report back about air play.

So I upgraded to an old R-pi model 2 I had laying around and did a fresh install and set up. All my issues have ben resolved.