Youtube streaming not working (sync). Bluetooth?

Hi, Just set up MusicBox for the first time, and I can’t get music to play through YouTube. It can play fine over AirPlay, but any songs I try to play through YouTube don’t play, and the song time elapsed indicator just says “(sync)”. I’m also not sure how to get debug logs - I’m running it as just a standalone OS on a Raspberry Pi 3 B. Also, side note, is MusicBox compatible with Bluetooth connections, or do I need to run it through NOOBS for that to work? Any help is greatly appreciated, I’m very new to all this.

Same here. YouTube Search works, but when I play anything it doesn’t output audio at all. Only local audio files will work. Any way to fix this?

Could you please turn on the debug logging (should be an option In the settings) and provide the log file (should be in /tmp) and/or provide an example to reproduce the problem.

Sure! I will do both things, actually.

What I do to reproduce the problem is:

  • Go to Search
  • Select YouTube (so it won’t spend lots of time searching across the other services)
  • Search “after burner vgm i like” (to bring up that particular video that I never could get to play. Out of like 20 attempts only one video worked and it was not this one)
  • Go to the right hand corner where there’s a Play sign, so I can open the context menu
  • Click “Play (video name)” to add to queue and play this particular video

It seems like it’s going to play, it fetches the video icon and the title, but there’s no sound at all.

And here’s the log file of such action being debugged.

I’m most certainly sure it’s not a network issue since I can play the bundled radio streams just fine (although when doing that, sometimes it drops the sound for 3-4 seconds, I’ll include another bug report about that if possible).

Thank you for your reply! despite the issues i really like this system to play music with, it a lot more than volumio or runeaudio. I hope we get it sorted out.

I’m running into the same problem. Was a solution to this found? Thanks.