Failure to get music box working. Feat: A total newbie


As the topic states i cant seem to be able to reach my music box.

Ive followed all the instructions on

But, for some reason i cant connect on to the web browser. I connected it trough wifi. At first it found the box in my networks tab under computers, but no luck on the web browser. Then i attached it to a lan cable, but no luck there either. Now it cant seem to find it on my wifi either.

Could it be something as stupid as a power issue? Im using an old samsung charger, but im partial to beliving its not something like that.

An operating system issue? A workgroup setting issue? OS issue?

Any help would be appreciated.

be more specific. What are you trying to do? what OS are you using? what address are you using, browser version? etc.

if you can see the device on the network, but not have the webpage displayed, then perhaps you have firewalled yourself out? Or maybe the web extension is failing

Damn, forgot to mention my os, it’s windows 10. I’m not really trying to do anything other than to get it working like on the instructions. And then attache it to a speaker system, and stream spotify. I might be firewalled out, since I’m using a 4g modem, which has a relatively steep NAT protocol ( had issues with gaming before), which I can’t alter because it is set by my service provider, and alterations in modem don’t help, but does that matter on my local WiFi? Also, I haven’t installed any extension on my default browser which is chrome. Any other firewalls I should be looking into?

I know these are newbie things, but I am very new to this sort of thing. So bare with me.

Oh, and the address I’m using is the musicbox.local, if that’s what you meant.

Ok. So, if you try using the ip address instead of musicbox.local, what happens? Notice that, if in settings.ini you gave the device some other name (like, say, “mymusicbox”) then the address will be mymusicbox.local.

I have never used a 4g modem. Is it configured so that it acts as a router, and that you have a LAN with your windows 10 computer and the pi on it? Does the modem have a settings page?

BTW, the guide that you posted uses an old version of musicbox (the link downloads 0.5) but a newer version (0.6) is avaiable at

You mentioned in your first post about the power - I’ve had similar issues in the past. I’d definitely recommend trying a different power source - I’ve sent plenty of time scratching my head thinking everything seems ok and disregarding the power, concentrating on other things. When all else has failed, I’ve swapped out the power and it’s all sprung back into life…

I connected the Pi to my monitor and found these errors were prominent at the end:

alsamixer error- extension disabled
alsamixer/control must be set
alsamixer/card must be set
musicbox_webclient config errors, automatically disabled
musicbox_webclient unknown config key

Im trying to work on these myself atm but wanted to bring my helpers up-to-date.

Thanks for the replays allready guy, i really appreciate it

otherwise the pi seems to be booting up nicely, so im trying to format the sd card, and then re-install musicbox.

Lets see where that takes me

Edit: well, the reinstallation of musicbox seems to have done it… It works now and i have no idea how…

Thanks guys, even though it seemed to sort itself out. Maybe someday i may be of service to you.

Thanks again

Just a heads-up: you will probably still see those errors on your working system but they can be ignored and shouldn’t stop you booting. You can get booting problems if you make bad changes to settings.ini.

But either way, glad it’s working.