Playback Issue via Web Interface and Spotify

Hi All!

I got MusicBox up and running but running into a weird issue. I can connect to it just fine on both a Windows/Mac browser as well as iphone/android platforms as well. But what I cannot do is get it to play songs or even show songs on a playlist from the computer.

On a mobile the lists show and play with out issue. Any thoughts on why that may be?


Assuming that you are trying to connect from a browser running on a Raspberry Pi and depending on which web client you are using, it might be that the browser does not support all of the required web standards (e.g. websockets, Javascript). For Mopidy-Musicbox-Webclient, for example, you are pretty much restricted to recent versions of the major browsers like Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, iOS.

I’d also give a try as an alternative as it is generally less demanding as far as browser requirements go.