How is "album information" suppose to work?

When using the standard webclient on PiMusicBox you can perform a local search and get a list of albums. The albums covers are displayed as a small icon on the right. These are clickable but always produce the message “Album not found…” Is this supposed to fetch information about the album from some online service?

If memory serves I think it should take you to list of album tracks. Is
that a problem for all libraries or just the local library? Is the album
uri it’s using sensible?

This is just local. The albums are tagged by MusicBrainz Picard, so I’m going to assume that the album tag’s and id numbers are correct in the files. However, I have not yet checked what the sqlite data-base has in it under album.

They are of the form “album:local:md5: a number”

I can’t get this to work on 0.6 either. Nor on Gnome music player client. When I click “album info” in GMPC it just crashes

Sorry to have let this drag out, I’m not sure what is going wrong for you here. It sounds like you are talking about the small list of albums next to the list of artists, both of which are above the main track results. Is that correct? Since you mention sqlite I had assumed it was mopidy-sqlite but I don’t believe mopidy-sqlite returns album or artist search results, so it can’t be.

So that means you must be talking about the albums that are extracted from the track results and mixed in with them (with a darker grey background). Musicbox-webclient just does a lookup using the URI and then shows the results, nothing special. Could you take a look for any errors in the browser console.

Sorry, I was not very clear in my earlier writing. What I mean to say is that I am using PiMusicBox via the webclient. In the queue for example when I click on the symbol with three dots (or similar) and select “show album”, nothing happens. In “search”, when a local track has been located the same menu has “show album this and that”. This similarly produces nothing “not found”.

While I was fiddling around with this for this post I noticed something else. I search for artists and selected the said menu. This menu had options to show abun an artist (which do not work). Then I went to queue where there were some earlier tracks and selected that same menu. Now this menu suggested to show info about the album and the artist from the search - even though I had not added any tracks of this artist from the search and the tracks there were from earlier…

What you describe in your first paragraph works just fine for me. My only guess is that this is somehow a tagging issue.

Sorry but I don’t really understand what you are describing in the second paragraph. Are you saying the queue popup menu (the 3 dots) is showing the wrong artist information? And that artist is the one you just searched for?!

What about console errors?

I use MusicBrainzPicard for tagging.

About the second issue. I mean that I had a track by artist A in queue, and searched for artist B in search. I then chose to not add artist B and went back to queue to look at A. When I clicked the menu open, this menu had entry “view info about artist B”. I am assuming that the menu in the queue is not intended to show information about tracks that are not in the queue.

Indeed is it not. I tried to do exactly what you’ve described but I’m unable to reproduce the behaviour. How did you add the artist A tracks to the queue in the first place. Can you give me exact steps to reproduce?

I just reproduced it. Here are exact instructions. It only works with playlists by doing the following:

  1. Start MusicBox
  2. Select a local playlist and add it to queue
  3. Go to search and search (local might work with spotify but definetely works with local) artist that is not in queue
  4. Look at the menu of that track
  5. Do not add, but go back to queue where the old tracks from the laylist are
  6. Look at menu of tracks there

The menu will offer to show information for the albums and artists. The albums will be correct. But for every track there, as artist, it will suggest the one that you previously searched for and not the real ones