PiMusicbox not scanning networkfiles?

First of all PiMusicbox looks great.
I’ve installed Version 0.6.0 on a PI Raspberry 2B.
Installation was simple and the way to change the settings was a piece of cake.
I get a network adress and I’m able to connect from another computer by the web interface of FireFox (musicbox.local). I see the complete menu and it is possible to make changes to and save the setting menu.
I have made a NFS share on a Apple MacMini server running OSX Server 10.6.8.
When scanning the files PiMusicbox says 0 files found in Media-Dir. If I Iook in Media_Dir (/music) at the Raspberry, I see all the files the are on the share. Strange!!!
I can also see at the MacMini that the user of the PiMusicbox (music) is connected.
When I want to browse the files from the other computer via Browse/Folders/Network PiMusicbox says no files.
It is also not possible to play via the menu the files that are in Media_Dir.
It is possible to play a stream of internet radio.

What could be the possible problem of not seeing the files in PiMusicbox.

Greeting Robert

Not sure if this will help - and I guess you’ve already done this, but do you need a username/password? I’ve not got this setup so I’m just guessing:

Networked Music
The easiest way to play your own music files, is via the Windows Network. To do that, edit the
configuration file, so that MusicBox knows where your files are. This address could be a bit
cryptic to a first time user. This is an example:
NETWORK_MOUNT_ADDRESS = '//mynasserver/shared/music’
The first part // is the way shares in the Windows Network are created. Just add it and forget it.
The next part (mynasserver or is the name or ip­address of the server which hosts
the file, and the last part /musicshare or /shared/music, tells MusicBox which share to mount.
When your server is protected, you need to set the username and password for the Network
share using the following configuration lines:


thanks for the response.
Yes, I need a username/password, which is configured in the settings menu of PIMusicbox.
At the MacMini server I also see the user when it has logged in after the startup of PIMusicbox.
At the PIMUsicbox I don’t see any mesaages that something has gone wrong during the log-on proces.


I think this has something to do with rwx at the directory /music/Network. I don’t have very much knowledge of Linux.
With command ls -ls at /music/Network I see something like this:
0 drwxr-x— 7 505 dialout 0 Sep 10 17:55 Agneta_Faltskog
This is a directory with in the directory a number of files.
So it seems that PiMusicbox is able to scan the files at the server. This mens that it is not network/server problem in my opinion.
But the scanning later on isn’t able to find these files.
I can’y change rwx, owner or group with the command chmod, chown, chgrp because all of these seem to be write protected.

Any idea what’s going wrong?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Robert,

I wish I could help you :frowning: I’m not sure what it happening. Hopefully one of the others on here will be able to suggest something - they’re a pretty awesome set of guys :smile: