No access to network files (Synology DS213j) - new user

successfully managed to install PiMusicBox on my Pi2.
Runs OK but cannot find a single file on my network. (Synology DS213j NAS, folder is called ‘MUSIC’.)
I’ve tried a range of variations on the ‘Network Drive’ settings. (By the way, does this overwrite any changes I made to the settings.ini file on the SD card when I was preparing the SD card as per instructions here -
Anyway, not sure what to do or what the actual address shoud be.

“Network Drive
Mount Windows Network Drive on boot. Type the address exactly like this (samba mount): //servername/mountpoint/directory e.g. // or //server.local/shared/music
If the mount needs a username/password, also set it (leave empty for guest-access). Don’t forget to let Mopidy/MusicBox scan the contents at first boot (see MusicBox Settings section)”

So far I have tried:


Should I be using the local address ( or the ‘preferred DNS server’ as listed in my Synology settings) or the name of the server (DiskStation) as listed in Synology settings?

I don’t know whther any of these have worked or whether some indexing was being attempted at any point.
Is there a message that says ‘Please wait, indexing’ to let you know that you’ve connected but just hang on a moment?

I don’t even know how to check if MusicNox is even connecting to my NAS.

I can successfully play a stream from SomaFM, and I have copied an mp3 to the SD csard and can play it from there - so I must be at least doing something right!

Any guidance gratefully accepted from a frustrated noob!

Thansk in advance


I just installed PiMusicBox and am having the exact same issue as this.

Anyone with ideas?


I would have thought that you could use the name of your server (DiskStation) or the corresponding IP address. The former is generally more robust (IP addresses may change between reboots of your Synology server).

Then you also need to specify the share name. If the shared folder is called ‘Music’ then //DiskStation/Music should work. If you actually want the Music subdirectory that’s in a shared folder called ‘MyStuff’ then //DiskStation/MyStuff/Music would be the answer. You will need to provide the username and password if your shares are secured with one.

If you restart the system, after it reboots you should see a message on the screen saying how many files it’s found during scanning.

However, it’s easiest to debug this if you enable SSH access and log in to PiMusicbox so you can manually run the commands that are executed during startup. Assuming the username and password are ‘fred’ and ‘topsecret’ respectively:

mount -t cifs -o sec=ntlm,ro,user=fred,password=topsecret "//DiskStation/Music" /music/Network/

Then see if your files are now available:

ls -l /music/Network/

If that worked then update your PiMusicbox settings to reflect that:

mount_address = //DiskStation/Music
mount_user = fred
mount_password = secret

If you don’t need a username/password then maybe try

mount -t cifs -o sec=ntlm,ro,user=guest "//DiskStation/Music" /music/Network/


mount -t cifs -o ro "//DiskStation/Music" /music/Network/

Then when you next reboot the server should be mounted automatically and the scan will find the music files.