Network share KO


I just find your PiMusicbox software and it looks awesome!
But (always a “but…” sorry) it seem PiMusicbox can’t access my share folder.

This install work with Raspbmc and both soft are raspbian based.
I tried this 2 set up :
//192.168.1.x/test (where “test” is the actual name of my share HDD on network)
//box/test (i used this because when i dragued my share folder on a terminal windows, that the path it show)

no user or password are required so guest access

I don’t know what other information you need so don’t hesitate to ask (but i’m a bit new on this)

Thx in advance for your help!

did you really use an x in the ip address or was it just an example?


Yeah of course it’s an exemple :smile:
Or else it Will surely don’t work…