Local Network Music Not In Folders

Good afternoon friends,

Currently I have my Pi MusicBox accessing my Windows share and streaming music from there. When I pull up Browse > Network it shows a listing of all my music. Absolutely love how easy it was.

The problem is that it isn’t showing any of the folders that they are categorized in, and it shows only the mp3’s in alphabetical order. Is there a way to show these so I can listen to a specific album or artist?

Interestingly enough I cannot find information on this topic after googling for a long while, so I’m hoping this will help others in the long run too :slight_smile:.

Thank you tons,

Browse -> Network is not a thing.

If it was Browse > Files -> Network, then that should give you the exact directory structure of your share. I can’t think why your directly structure would have been removed.

If you go via Browse > Local media, this is the scanned music database. This shows the files within a fixed folder structure that is populated based on the music file metadata it found during the scan.