Pi MusicBox AND Raspbian

Does anyone know a good way to get Pi MusicBox to run with Raspbian? I want to continue to use the Pi for other functions while music is streaming. I’m creating an in home sound system that I want to tinker with and also control some other things like lights, etc.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

It is built on top of Raspbian Wheezy. You can install whatever you want.

I use Music box on top the Raspbian Stretch with no issues,

I don’t think that’s a reasonable statement unless you are referring to Mopidy-MusicBox-Webclient, which is not what this is about. This is about Pimusicbox.

Isn’t it just as easy to install Mopidy? Is there any advantage to using Musicbox if you’re not using an image?

You’re right. Sorry.