Musicbox on raspian


Im kinda a newbie, so please bear with me on this properly easy question.

Im running Raspbian on a zero, the plan is to get it to function as a musicplayer and a thermometer . so fare I got the sound out of the speaker (yeay) next problem - musicbox. I have installed musicbox (i think) via
sudo bash

but I cant get it to start musicbox afterwards.
Or I don’t know how, I thought I just could write “musicbox”!? .

Do anyone have a step by step guide to how to install musicbox on a raspberry, if the above isn’t the right way, or how to start it?

note: I tried installing musicbox but here I can’t move the gpios around

That script is out of date and does not work for the latest jessie-based versions of raspbian. Use the image (not compatible with rpi zero) or install everything yourself manually.

Do anyone have a step by step on how I install everything manually?

There is an image here but I haven’t tried it. Also more details on this page Does Pi Musicbox operate on a Pi Zero?

I can get the musicboxOS (if you can call it that) to work on the Zero using the sudo apt-get update on a regular Pi, but I can’t move the gpio around to get audio out on the pins

I’ve got Musicbox working on a full on version of Jessie on a Pi2B. Unfortunately I don’t have detailed instructions on how I did it. I’m not at all a strong Linux guy, so it can’t be that hard. I did it in steps: For me that was

  1. Get the HiFiBerry DAC+ to work with mplayer (doesn’t apply to you, I don’t think)
  2. Get Mopidy installed and reading my local music repository
  3. Get MusicBox to work with Mopidy
  4. Get Snapcast working as a server and client for multiroom audio (doesn’t apply to you).

I did it this way because my first attempt was the PiMusicBox distro, which doesn’t use the latest Mopidy. I was having trouble with customizing it to my liking, the distro takes steps to protect itself from customizations, and would undo my work.

So iteration #2 was straight on top of Jessie (it probably should have been done on Jessie Lite, but the Pi2 is fast enough to handle the goodies). The distro uses Wheezy I think. So it’s Jessie with the latest Mopidy and the latest MusicBox.

I just got a new Pi3 yesterday and I may redo it yet again using Jessie Lite. If I do I’ll try to make better notes and see about making an image of it. I may just be lazy and put the Snapcast client on the Pi3 since that’s all I really need to do to expand my system.


the distro takes steps to protect itself from customizations

That’s never the intention, it’s just how the system works.

The difference between raspbian lite and normal is just what packages are installed. What’s actually running should be identical and there should be no difference in performance between the two on a given pi.