Musicbox installation to raspbian

Is there instructions to install musicbox my existing raspbian server?
I have raspverrypi measuring temperaturres with 1wire over owfS and I like to use same pi to play music to my sauna :smile:
No its not in sauna but behind sauna’s wall…

Depends on what parts of the musicbox setup you care about. has some outdated info for all of the bits and pieces. But if you can get by with just mopidy getting that in should be fairly easy, just start from

If you want to try and get the extra musicbox stuff I think the steps at

were updated a couple of months ago and probably* sill work.

Hi thanks for tips.
I’d like to use spotify, webradios and playing mp3/flacs from my NAS over NFS.
youtube playlist support could be awesome also but spotify is enough.

I wouldn’t bother with musicbox then. That’s all simple with standalone

Ok thanks I test it. I just likes musicbox interface bu. It same how everything is Played if it just works…

Oh I found that musicbox its also installable to mopidy…

There are lots of great clients these days: If you only use Spotify
then mopify is worth checking out.

yeah it works installing mopidy and musicbox webinterface to rasbian !
how ever I have to do investigations what is wrong because it plays one song and after that not anymore…
not even after reboot…
I followed installation from here

or maybe its that 1st rasbperry b model not power enough…

edit: it stops playing all after selecting internet radio streams from musicbox interface.
using androids mpd client it works playing local media.

The raspberry pi is powerful enough,it must be something else. Could you
try to outline exactly what works and what doesn’t and try and provide a
log file of the non-working scenario. I’m afraid I don’t understand since
you say it doesn’t work even after a reboot, which is very odd.

:slight_smile: sorry about confusing infromation. I manage to get it working now with local media and also internet radio streams. it just take time when selecting music to play and with musicbox very often. not very fast with android mpd client or musicbox or moped which I also tested.

so now theres only problem is that I cannot get youtube playlist to play, it gets songs to queue but wont play…
I maybe start another topic for it…

I am going to use raspberry measuring temperartures with owfs so I thought more power could be better so I might order raspberry pi2 …