Try to install in raspbian

i want to install Pi MusicBox in Raspbian Jessie and i foolow instruction found here in MusicBox.rst
It seem to works fine but i can get pimusicbox homepage. Form SSH i receive Musicbox message.
Can you help me ?

If you are refering to the file that I think you are, then that file instructs the creation of Musicbox using Raspbian Wheezy repos. Many of the packages mentioned there do not exist in Raspbian Jessie. The fact that you can SSH in is not supprising as that is possible with all versions of Raspbian Jessie (AFAIK). Do you have mopidy running? Can you conenct to it with a mpd-client?

now it works !
Now i have problem to run as service and access to pimusicbox with port 80
and not from

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There are instructions for those on the net

You’re right but it’s very difficult find a working config.
Not many people install MusicBox without the img. It’s difficult to find where setting.ini of MusicBox in rasbian…

Installing via the script probably doesn’t work, there is a comment at the
top saying something to that affect. Jessie is not supported, nor is the
latest mopidy. If you don’t know what to do I suggest waiting for the next
release. It’s long overdue but it is coming.

No problem.
Now i got system works:

  1. Flash Raspbian Jess on SD DONE
  2. Install Mopidy DONE
  3. Install MusicBox DONE
  4. Start Mopidy as service DONE
  5. Start Mopidy on port 80
  6. Access direct to PiMusicBox tiping IP and not as above
  7. Map Windows share for music


sounds like you want an extension that displays a web page, is that the case?

I am interested in doing the same, except on wheezy. Any way you could post a short turtorial?

use the official one

I am looking for same thing on Jessie:
how to change

Maybe you figured this out?