No boot with new version 0.6

Hey there,

I have a small issue with Musicbox on my RPi B+. Yesterday I saw that there’s a newer version and decided to update it.

Put the mSD card in my pc, formatted it and put v0.6 on it using Win32DiskImager. Everything looks fine (only 55mb FAT32 partition shows in windows with all the usual files) but after putting the card in the RPi, both LEDs are on, no flashing of the green LED. No HDMI output either.
Disconnected all cables and dongles but the power cable, no change. I’m going crazy here. Don’t have another mSD card to try but the one I’m using worked like a charm before…

Any ideas and tips welcome! Best regards!

If you have a hdmi cable plugged in it should output messages during the
boot process. If you’re not getting anything on the screen I’d try copying
the image to your SD card again.

Thank you for your input! Yesterday I tried to set up the mSD card using my Android phone. Somehow Android must have corrupted the file structure and caused this problem.
Used a proper card reader now, problem solved.

Next question and the initial reason Idecided to do the upgrade:
Does anyone else have problems with the implementation of Dirble? If worked fine until ~4 days ago but since then I only have 5 countries (Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, USA) to choose from and if I open any of them, there are no stations in there.
Tried creating a new Dirble account and new APIs, didn’t help. The update didn’t change anything either. Any ideas on this problem?

Dirble is transitioning from their API v1 to v2, but AFAIK API v1 should work until June sometime. If not, Dirble is doing something wrong.

Mopidy-Dirble 1.0+ requires Mopidy 1.0. Mopidy-Dirble 1.1 use the new Dirble API v2. Thus, you can use the new Dirble API as soon as Pi MusicBox upgrades to Mopidy 1.0.

Thank you. Seems like my API stopped working when they released v2, although it should be supported until June or so.