Music box won’t boot for first time

Hi. PIMUSICBOX stopped working on my raspberry pi 3 / IQAudio so I downloaded the latest PIMUSICBOX image and flashed it to the reformatted SD card. Now it won’t boot up and I am getting the error messages as the attached image. When it try’s to boot up again it then gets stuck on the line “music box log in” Is it a corrupted SD issue or a problem with the DAC (which has had a bit of direct sunlight in this hot weather!). Would be great if somebody could let me know your thoughts on how to fix it. Thanks! Matt

Have you tried reflashing?
Couldn’t hurt to try another SD (even if temporarily) just to see if that’s the issue.

Are you flashing from a PC? Mac? Linux?

Hi. Thank you for the response! I have tried re flashing and it’s the same problem each time. I ordered a new SD card yesterday so will try it out and will post the results. I am flashing from PC.

Hi. That seems to have worked for now!