Pi Music Box does not boot on Raspi 4

Hi all, I am going to revive an old Philips Streamium with a Raspberry. In the moment I try to get PiMusibBox up and running on a 4 GB Raspi4.
Result: no boot, no HDMI display,
Tried so far:

  • Raspi works on same SDs (8GB, 32GB) with Raspian without any problems
  • using official power supply
  • wifi or lan
  • enable_uart=1, =0 no difference
  • rpi-update
  • using current musicbox_v0.7.0RC7
  • tried to build own image on running raspian, but was not able to obtain emu-arm-static.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you very much!

Sorry Micky, the software does not support Rapaberry Pi 4. I believe the main issue is that rc7 doesn’t include the Pi 4 firmware.

Truth be told I’ve done no work on Pimusicbox for a long time. Now that Mopidy 3 has been released I intend to get a new Pimusicbox version out but it won’t be for at least a couple of months as I’m currently very busy with my day job.

Pimusicbox isn’t a good solution at the moment, particularly for a Pi 4. I hope you can find an alternative system or even consider installing Mopidy 3, the extensions and shairport etc manually.

Thanks, for this quick answer.
No problem. I will get a Pi 3A+ since this one is explicitly supported :wink: