Cannot start .local

I have been working on getting my lcd to work and now I cant start a session on .local and run the music box. I am not sure how musicbox is doing that so I am not sure where to start…any pointer I would rather do this than start from scratch for my personal benefit… any help would be great.

Pinged and ssh connected to the pi, ran the weezy on another sd and all hardware is working great.

I made some adjustments to the cmdline to unscrew up what I did.

So my actual question is what is driving the thin client for music box…

I did a update to get the latest drivers for the sainsmart lcd I have been working on integrating.

so any insights?

We don’t advise doing system updates (using apt or pip) as this usually
pulls in newer versions which are not yet compatible with the musicbox
scripts. You need to be careful to update specific packages only. Or, try
following the unofficial update guide that has been posted on the
pimusicbox github wiki.

In general, the file /opt/musicbox/ runs on every boot. It takes
care of manually starting services based on your settings.ini contents.

Thanks or the info kingosticks… yeah usually unadvisable is no fun/less stressfull… but ya know tinkering and trying to figure it out…crap happens :smile ::slight_smile: after some time scouring the forums gleaning info hear and there I was able to find out what I needed, I reloaded and was a bit more methodical with my trying everything mode…