Cannot connect to SMB share anymore


I’ve been using Musicbox PI for about three years by now; it’s been working like a charm most times…

But now I discovered that it doesn’t connect to my QNap NAS drive, which is connect via SMB share, anymore.
Logon credentials are correct.
In mopidy.log it only says

Found 0 files in media_dir.

I didn’t change any configuration in the last days, the only thing I’m aware of, is that I updated my NAS to a new firmware version three days ago; other devices in my network (Raspberry with Kodi, Windows clients) don’t have issues - it’s only Musicbox Pi having this problem.

I am using Musicbox Pi 0.6.

Can someone give help on how to track this problem and maybe solve it?

Kind regards,

You can try the steps outlined at No access to network files (Synology DS213j) - new user to track down the issue. Perhaps the new NAS drive firmware requires some different authentication options that we don’t use by default but I’m just guessing.

The solution was quite simple: Apparently the new NAS firmware requires a trailing “/” appended to the SMB network path.
That made the share being mounted again in Musicbox.

Thanks a lot!


I am sorry, I have to get back to this issue.
In fact I never really made it work reliably.

Following the steps depicted in No access to network files (Synology DS213j) - new user, I found that I always need two attempts to mount my SMB share.

Upon the first mount command I get this result:

mount error(5): Input/output error
Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs)

Then I just submit the command immediately again and the share mounts correctly.

On the other hand, simply booting Musicbox twice in a row did not help.
After getting the error message above after the first boot sequence, I rebootet Musicbox, startet my terminal session again and executed the mount command again, yielding no error.

Then another reboot of Musicbox made it correctly load the shared music folders.

Can someone provide help in this?