Reaching NAS by SSH but not by Musicbox

Hi everybody
Via SSH I can reach the NAS by the command:
mount -t cifs -o ro,username=xxx,password=yyy // /music/Network/
With the command:
ls -l /music/Network/ > I see the music on the Synology NAS and I can play the music in the webclient.
After reboot Musicbox lost the NAS.

Problem 1
So in the webclient I see also the music files but: they start 3x for 4 seconds and then the hole number. What must I do to get this right?
Problem 2
In ‘settings’ in the webclient I filled in:
// and admin and password
All possebilities I know I filled in by the mounting options but nothing worked.
I also tried a lot of in de settings.ini file but also nothing. What must i do to solve this problem and reaching the NAS without SSH?

It seems a difficult question (or very stupid?). More than 10 people view the problem but no solution!
Thays a pity.

Oke I stop and use Picore.