MusicBox with Mopidy 1.1.1-1

I tried to upgrade Musicbox to latest Mopidy (1.1.1-1) packages. I added musicbox-webclient (2.0.0) interface using PIP. With tunein and dirble from debian packages and some more tuning it works quite smoothly and my user experience is much better.

Are there any obstacles, that we don’t have newer MusicBox image yet? On github I found a milestone v1.0 Packaged, but I’m not sure, what is the progress with it. I don’t see much activity in branch develop either. Could I help somehow with it?

Debian jessie came out and broke the startup scripts. Since then I’ve just
been too busy with work spend much time on it. Testing everything is the
most time consuming part and I’d appreciate any and all help. Also, if
someone wanted look at the websettings extension that would be very

I just installed mopidy 1.1 on Raspbian Jessie and installed all the extensions that musicbox uses. I created a systemd service that starts mopidy. So far everything seems to work. The only thing I haven’t figured out yet is how to get something like the streamuris.ini where I could save some selected web streams to links on the musicbox-webclient

Hi kingosticks,
so if we do a fresh install starting with musicbox 0.6 then run through the upgrade procedure, do we have to pay attention at any point that we don’t update the to the latest debian distribution?

Any pointers of things we should look out for?

What would you like to have done on the web settings extension? Perhaps we can add a TODO list to that project’s wiki page on GitHub?

Ok, so some of these questions are going to be a bit ignorant and things that I might have been able to sarch my self. But, firstly, if you wanted to make a new musicbox with mopidy 1.1 what is the reason that you would need to use Raspbian Jessie? Because you (@kingosticks) appear to be saying that the reason for not making such an image readily abailable is because “jessei broke the startup scritpts”. Another thing is, isn’t Raspbian Jessie based on Debian, and IIRC stable allows for the use of both systemd and “legacy” sysvinit scripts? And thirdly, if the startup stuff needs to be moved to systemd services and so on, does that mean all of the stuff that currently is done in the .sh which is run by rc.local?

I’m not sure what response you are looking for here, the tone of this post is slightly aggressive but I am going to assume that was not your attention. I spend as much time as I can on all of this.

At this point in time, a release based on Wheezy is more effort than it is worth and it’s not something I have any interest in doing. Part of the problem is, if you look, Musicbox does not use proper startup scripts so while what you say is correct, it’s not helpful.

Sorry, I was not wanting to sound aggressive, I was trying to write fast and condense many distinct points to a few lines. I guess I was wondering what the different options are and trying to understand what specifically are the things that need to be done (like what are “startup scripts”) and if any of the things are things that I can help with, or if they are out of my own know-how league. I don’t know how long Raspbian Wheezy is going to get official support for, probably not long, so I guess moving to Jessie makes sense. Starting mopidy with systemd was rather easy, but I can see that there are many many other services and thigns that pimusicbox does. And my own limited experience seems to say that because of the nature of systemd it can be quite difficult if certain processes or services need others to be functional at the time that they want to start. But I guess you can make it run Bash scripts, even if that is not the “propper way”.