Mopody upgrade for musicbox

Hi all
using musicbox for a long time to stream local music.

Now I connected it to my spotify account. It happens that it losses connection to spotify and it pauses, even if musicbox is playing local music.

I have learnt that it is solved in recent mopidy releases. Is there any plan yo update musicbox to latest mopidy versions?

Thanks and good job!

Can you point me to where its solved in the latest mopidy? I don’t think I am familiar with this problem.

It is a very old bug, but it is happening to me.

Ahh OK that’s a shame. To upgrade mopidy you must also upgrade to debian jessie/stretch and that breaks a load of things in the current release. It’s not something I support. At this point in time I can only suggest installing mopidy from scratch on the latest raspbian by following the official Mopidy documentation.