Musicbox Update?

Maybe this is a lame question, but… Is there a way to update Pi Musicbox to the latest release 0.6RC, without starting from scratch? I have already done a few tweaks and put some mp3’s on my SD card and want to keep them, but update to the latest version.
Thanks in advance!


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I’m afraid there is not. Although if you are not having any problems I’d
suggest you stick with your current version. There’s not that much different
in 0.6 and it’s just designed as a stable version before we move to Mopidy
1.0 and introduce some major musicbox changes. One of which will be a much
quicker and easier way to install/update.

Thanks for the reply! I am not having any problems so far, Musicbox works flawless. I will wait for the stable release then.
Thanks again!

Isn’t it maybe possible to update via apt-get upgrade ? Would this be a good idea?

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That is the focus of the 1.0 release. If you do that now, you will break
the system.

Hello, i’m put the musicbox 0.6 image on my raspberry pi.
and it is a very cool thing - exactly what i’m looking for,
an alternative for the sonos boxes.
But i miss the Update functionality - or a newer image :slight_smile:

I tried to update by my self, but after a dist-upgrade to jessie - it won’t run…
if i tried to upgrade to packages, it runs, but not 100% :confused:

So i want to ask - is there any plan to bring out a new image with
actuall scripts ? Perhaps on Debian Jessie based ? A Version 0.7 or something like that ?

It will be great ^^

Many Thanks for your work !

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