Update mopidy possible?

Is it possible to update mopidy in Pi MusicBox?
If so how?

Bump up we go! :slight_smile:



This link is broken and i can only find outdated information on this. Is this unsupported or am i not looking hard enough?

broken link was scraped by internet archive fwiw. i am trying to do the same so this will hopefully be helpful.


edit: after spending way too long in dependency hell I decided to scrap the idea and install mopidy on a fresh raspbian install, no pi musicbox. now everything is working just fine.

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It’s not supported and I got a bit tired of people disregarding the warning at the top. So it’s now covered in the FAQ:

Is there a way to upgrade the system?

There is currently no real upgrade path. The only way to upgrade is to download the latest image and copy over your settings.ini file.

I tried to upgrade my installation with apt-get/pip and now I’m having issues. what should I do?

This is not supported (see above) and it’s not advisable unless you know what you are doing. If you don’t know what you are doing then reinstall the latest version and then try to ask for support on the forum where someone may be able and willing to help you.

Well yes, but the current release candidate has all kinds of problems. A lot of things don’t work out of the box so its not weird that people are disregarding warnings in an incomplete documentation.

I get your frustration but as long as things don’t work properly people will keep trying to fix it themselves.

Thank you for your time though.